アソシエイトプロダクトマネージャープログラムは、自己主導の候補者の小グループを vocational training model - providing mentorship, training, and valuable connections to help them become well-rounded Product Managers and future leaders.

Adrien Beaulieu · 1月 8, 2021

Those who are in product management roles in technology companies often lack formal training, mentors, and exposure to how product management is done is beyond their company. 

This certificate gives you cutting edge practices and practical insight into the field of Product Management to accelerate your product management career and propel your company forward.  

Led by some of the leading Product Management practitioners in Tokyo, this program covers a broad range of competencies including product processes, user research, data analysis, product design, business fundamentals, technical fundamentals, and leadership.  

This course will be of value to: 

  • Product Managers in their first product role at a technology product company,
  • Product Owners in technology product companies,
  • Mid-career Product Managers looking to expand their knowledge of their field.

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