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Get the real digital skillsets that companies need and want in Japan. Product House Academy is your one-of-a-kind program for your Japan success. You will get a Hard Skillset + a Soft Skillset + a paid Apprenticeship + a real job.


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9 years in business internationally with offices in 6 different countries. 

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What jobs alumni did before

From account manager to JavaScript Developer.
Konrad Izòwski
JavaScript Developer
From hearing care to JavaScript Developer.
Miłek Politowski
JavaScript Developer
From 3D printer fitter to JavaScript Developer.
Szymon Cendecki
JavaScript Developer
From Quality controller to Java Developer.
Dominic Buko
Java Developer
From musician to Automation Tester.
Jacek Aumüller
Automation Tester
From medical rescuer to front-end dev.
Hubert Borowczyk
Front End React Developer
From CS student to JavaScript Developer.
Stanisław Gregor
JavaScript Developer
From civil engineer to JavaScript Developer.
Bartoz Ciomcia
JavaScript Developer
From bank employee to Java Developer.
Konrad Dańko
Java Developer
From PR employee to JavaScript Developer.
Ela Wróbel
JavaScript Developer
From sales rep to JavaScript Developer.
Przemysław Pajdosz
JavaScript Developer
From finance expert to Javascript Developer.
Kamil Polok
JavaScript Developer

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By acquiring competencies in the IT field, you answer huge needs in all digital related industries in Japan. The pandemic has uncovered dire needs for digital transformation and you can be part of the local evolution while building your future locally. So even through difficult times, all industries will demand experienced knowledge workers.

For everyone! Your motivation, focus, and discipline are the main ingredients of your success. By acknowledging your steady progress in real-time through building applications you will get the additional daily boost and you will continue to perform. Keep in mind that you and only YOU are the one that can make great things happen in your life. The decision is all yours. But we will support you all the way to success.

We do not require knowledge of the basics of programming or experience in the IT industry. Although it will help. However, we provide you with the step by step process, along with some preliminary tests to get to know where you are starting from in terms of STEM education. Don’t worry, you will get all the necessary tools to succeed. Thousands of alumni with no previous coding experience, stuck in low income jobs, terrified by their future jumped in and do make a good living now thanks to IT education (with no prior coding knowledge). Why not you?

You can choose from programming, manual testing, data analysis, UX, project management and many more. Regardless of your strengths, you will find something for yourself in IT. Even if you choose software development and our Javascript MERN program you will not get stuck in just one type of profession. On the contrary, this will open a whole new world of possibilities. Keep in mind that we currently focus on offering the Javascript MERN program.

Yes, that’s the whole goal! During your apprenticeship you will get paid, mentored, coached and you will work on real life projects. 

The short answer is yes. But by living in Japan you will benefit from a great job potential situation. The global population is shrinking, the working population is aging, the need for IT experts is at a never ending high! IT pros will still be in demand for the many years to come. You won’t just make a good living, you will also reach higher level of achievement. 

There is a lot to say about this, apart from the delicious food, the interesting culture, the beauty of the countryside and the polite manners people observe everywhere. One fact is of utmost importance: the country needs you badly. By “You” we mean great professionals. 

Our network of schools has been running IT courses for years. We know that practice and the highest quality of learning remain the key! We provide a proven method to acquire Junior level in (not only) Web programming. For those who want to go the extra mile, we provide the sough-after Level 4 PHA certificate through apprenticeship.

We invest our time and energy in making you way above the Junior Web Programmer competition market.
Let’s not fool ourselves, once you got certified by our school you will be in direct competition with many other students who graduated from either university in Computer Science (Bachelor’s and or Master’s) or experienced coders who will fight hard to get the best positions. But, wait! You will also compete with Vocational School students. Wait again! Don’t forget the best IT and Coding Bootcamps around the world.

If you are who we think you are, you already have weighed and evaluated your “IT education” options. So how will you compete? How PHA can help you in getting not only a job but a future and beat the competition without even thinking about it?
By getting into the PHA apprenticeship program you, de facto, enter a brand new world of IT professional education.

We don’t just teach hard skills only! The most well-known companies in the IT world know perfectly that hard skills only are less than sufficient and crave for finding pros with real soft skills that make a difference in a team. It’s what we do.
Our program is developed to make you Way Better than the standard Junior (or entry) level Web programmer, thanks to our specific apprenticeship program, thanks to our Soft Skillset focus, and thanks to our mentorship support and our network of companies in the Chubu region.
Apply for an interview now so we can know more about you before committing to a better future.

Working in IT related industries will provide you with remote work opportunities. So you are not stuck anywhere. The number of hours you spend behind your desk does not mean anything today. Knowledge workers can access remote positions without geographical boundaries if they are able to show proven results and a portfolio. We will help in making you ready to work, the remote world is for you to dive in.

That’s the beauty of studying Web programming for example, it does not limit you to writing algorithms or code. Companies know that they will benefit a lot from a new product manager, a sales pro, a logistics expert with Web technologies experience. The same applies to other departments. You will bring a set of skills on top of those you already have that can make a huge difference.

Our graduates are people newly coming from high school, students who dropped out, professionals, as well as seniors. Regardless of your age, we will introduce you to the IT world and help you navigate it. We’ll make sure you will get as much as attention than anyone else. A senior can bring huge advantages to a company searching for your specific past experience on top of your newly acquired coding abilities. Too old in Japan does not mean you’re out like in some other developed countries. It’s even an advantage.

We got that: you are still studying, or you have a full-time occupation, or you have children and other responsibilities. It does not matter – we teach remotely and on site, day and weekend. Together we will find the best way of learning for you. 

We do not provide internships. We provide way way more: our unique Apprenticeship program that includes Level 3 and Level 4 certificates. Contact us to know more (click on the application button).
We understand that it can be tough to decide for a 15 months program. Once you apply, and you got accepted to the full program, you will have to succeed in the PH Academy Level 3 evaluation. Some of you at that time will already be offered some Junior positions in our networks depending on your knowledge, skills and abilities acquired as well as your past education and experience. You will not get stuck if you just want to work after your Level 3 assessment (the Front End programming level). However, keep in mind that a 12 months paid apprenticeship will go way beyond what you could achieve financially in your first position after the 15 months program. Contact us for more detail by using the application form.
Through our network of hiring partners and through our apprenticeship program partners in the Chubu region. And thanks to our unlimited employment support for life.
If you asked this question it means you are already ahead of most. The best way will be explained during the interview. Click and apply for an interview.

The global program tuition is: 1.8 million yen. Duration: 15 months which includes 3 months of hard skills practice + a 12 months PAID apprenticeship program for building your soft skills set. You will also get  additional hard skills set to reach Level 4 Full Stack status. If you decide that an apprenticeship is not for you, the tuition fee is reduced to 800,000 yen. The 32 first PHA students, will receive an exceptional 30% discount on tuition fees. PHA Academy will gradually increase the price without prior notice.

Working. living, and prospering in Japan starts here!