PHA Timeline

Step 1: Pre-Qualification Test

An online questionnaire that will us about you and your interests and understanding of IT.

Step 2: Interview

A one-on-one meeting to discover if you will benefit from our program.

Step 3: Preparation Program

Time to prepare for the 12 weeks program by starting with IT basics and learning online through tutorship.

Step 4: PHA Level 3 Certification

This is reached after 12 weeks of hard skills studies online or onsite depending on your choice and availabilities.

Step 5: Apprenticeship Program

12 months of hard work including 70% learning on the job and 30% back to our school for additional courses, coaching, follow-up interviews, and options to choose from.

Step 6: PHA Level 4 Certification

This is reached after completing with success the 12 months apprenticeship.
Congratulations, during 15 months you have demonstrated that you fly well over any Junior Web professional out there in Japan.

Step 7: PHA Mastery Program

This is for experienced PHA alumni and it will be promoted later on.