Project-15: Empowering Japan's Digital Ecosystem Through Strategic Partnerships.

Project-15, a groundbreaking initiative, is revitalizing Japan’s digital landscape through comprehensive IT education, entrepreneurship, and ecosystem development.
By uniting partners and stakeholders, it fosters a collaborative and sustainable digital transformation, with the aim of making Japan a global startup hub once again.

Project-15 is about Japan Digital Transformation
...One city at a time.

We cover IT Education, IT Recruiting, IT Staffing.
We train and support entrepreneurial ecosystem building.
We provide startup seed funding.
Project-15, the social impact project
IT Education Network for Kids, Youths, and Adults
Startup Incubation Network
Ecosystem Building Network
Product House: Academy, Recruiting, Staffing Logo
IT Training, Recruiting, and Staffing
The First Japan Institute of Apprenticeship
Dedicated Startup Seed Funding

IT Education & Job Network


Number of students who got graduated from our partnership skills building program.

1 %

85% of graduates get a job offer in under 6 months.


10 schools dispatched in 6 Countries.

Hiring Partners

10 schools dispatched in 6 Countries.

Alumni* Network


Join 9000+ and counting former students who got a job!

Startup Incubation Network

1 +

350+ startups financed.


Incubators and accelerators in 10 cities.


330 mentors in 20 difference industries.

1 +

20+ different markets addressed.


A team of 55 professionals to train and support founders.

Ecosystem Builders Network


Ecosystems supported on three continents: US, EU, Asia.


5 seminar workshops for local ecosystem stakeholders.

International Network

A network of international ecosystems.


Most frequent questions and answers

Project 15 is a social impact initiative that was built for helping dying local economic areas transform digitally and build their own local digital and entrepreneurial ecosystem through IT Education, Digital Entrepreneurship Education, and Digital and Entrepreneurial Ecosystem building and support. It includes 4 spinoffs:

  • IT Education: “Project-15 3 Generations” is dedicated to train 3 demographics [6-12, 13-17, 18-108] in Computer Science.
  • Digital Entrepreneurship Education: “Project-15 Incubation” in partnership with one of the biggest EU startup incubator is dedicated to train and mentor startup founders.
  • Entrepreneurial Ecosystem building and support: “Project-15 Ecosystem Builders” with our EU partner experts is dedicated to helping local economic areas in building their digital and entrepreneurial economy.

Product House includes 3 types of services: 

  1. The Academy which is our IT training school. 
  2. The Recruiting services (for experienced professionals). 
  3. The Staffing Agency: we place our Juniors and experts IT professionals in our network of Japan IT Companies.

SJ Fund is dedicated to support students and startup co-founders financially during their seed stage. They receive 25,000 usd for 10% capital and training, mentoring, networking services. 

JAD-X: Japan Institute for Apprenticeship & Digital Transformation Association NPO, aims at playing a major role in organizing, developing, and deploying apprenticeship programs, infrastructures, networks, and ecosystems for SMEs in Japan.

Living and prospering in Japan starts here!