Privacy Policy

Last updated: February 15, 2021

Product House Academy internet Privacy Protection

The statement of Product House Academy on the Protection of Privacy in the Internet applies to the website of Product House Academy and any websites of companies affiliated to Product House Academy.

Personal data

  • Product House Academy k.k. collects users’ personal data for various purposes, including to process users’ orders, conduct correspondence with users, subscribe users, as well as in connection with applications for employment.
  • Product House Academy k.k. may use information collected from the user in conjunction with information obtained from other sources to ensure their greater accuracy and completeness and to better adapt interactions with the user to specific situation and needs.
  • Moreover, Product House Academy k.k. may collect information on the users’ use of the Product House Academy websites, using a variety of techniques, including cookies.


  • The execution of the users’ orders by Product House Academy k.k. or third parties.
  • Establishing contacts with the user in order to conduct customer satisfaction surveys, market research or in connection with certain transactions.
  • Providing support for products or services obtained by the user from Product House Academy k.k.
  • The implementation by Product House Academy k.k. and selected organizations of marketing activities, if the user has consented to such a purpose of personal data processing.
  • Personalization of Product House Academy k.k., facilitating navigation and collecting statistical information on the use of websites.

User decisions

After Product House Academy k.k. of the users’ personal data, the user may inform Product House Academy k.k. that he does not wish his personal data to be used for the purpose of establishing further business contacts; Product House Academy k.k. will respect the will of the user.

The user can also block cookie information in his browser. 

If you have any question about this Privacy Policy, you can contact us by email: